WELL, WE’VE MADE IT to the holiday season! And Issue Six is here to help you appreciate your family, however dysfunctional.

To kick things off, our Featured Poet Nadia Herman Colburn contributes three haunting, delicate poems about the nuclear family, love, and procreation.

In fiction we have a story on just about every other family-related theme: There’s one about a mother, daughter and grand-daughter; two about a father and daughter, one about a father and son, and one about some orphaned children growing up on a farm. Not to play favorites (because I realize that I am terrible about this) but that last story is Christopher James Klingbeil’s Farmer’s Almanac, and it breaks my heart in all the right ways.

In this issue you will also find a hilarious interview with our featured artist, Joe Nanashe. Things I learned about him in the course of this interview include that he “is related to the guy who invented the candy Lifesavers,” he “has been thinking a lot about holes,” and he thinks “hiccups are the perfect metaphor for [his] work.” Joe is a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist and when I visited his open studio six months ago, I spent the better part of an hour enthralled with the videos featured in this issue. Enjoy!


– M.R.   Branwen



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