Announcing the DigBoston Slush Pile Fiction Partnership!

Fiction isn’t altogether new to the Dig. We’ve let our imaginations run wild before, most recently in a tale about artisanal food larceny and heartbreak for our first-ever cheese issue. At times we may have failed to properly label short stories–we still apologize for that false alarm about the mountain lion terrorizing Boston Common–but the spirit’s been alive within us despite our ongoing commitment to arts and news coverage.

With that said … thanks to a remarkable organizational collaboration with the Cambridge-based Slush Pile Magazine, DigBoston is beyond proud to announce our new monthly fiction series. There’s an incredible amount of talent in the region, and we will be accepting unsolicited submissions immediately at We only have a few rules–either the author should hail from or reside in New England, or their stories should take place here. It’s also good to make us laugh, though keep your slapstick for Mad Magazine.

Our debut installment, The Superior Act, comes from the Amherst-based Christopher Harris. An unlikely submitter of sorts, Christopher’s a senior writer for ESPN who also pens insightful (and in this case hilarious) short stories. We’re excited to feature his tale, which captures both a sense of literary bite and critical cultural relevance that Dig and Slush Pile hope to embrace much more of in the future. It’s also got an opening line that sold us from the get-go. Before we give anything more away …(read more)