HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, READER. I haven’t a piece for the holiday whatsoever.

In fact, a survey of the fiction this month presents a macabre portrait of romance, indeed. To get into the spirit, read Jessica Pishko’s “DDs” and “You Know Now Two Ways,” as well as Amy Dupcak’s “Vacancy” (perhaps my personal favorite this issue). On a slightly more positive note, Eric Bennett contributes “Wish You Were Here.” But even that is pretty grim.

Is this a reflection of my feelings about Valentine’s Day on the whole? Or is it a reflection everyone’s feelings on the whole? Let’s all just have another glass of wine and revel.

Anyway, after Valentine’s Day comes Spring! This is very exciting news for everyone not living in Southern California. In honor of SPRING, let me tell you about what else is happening this issue:

We are very pleased to welcome Jane Hayman as our featured poet. Her four poems make for a quick, but mighty, read. And last, but not least, is Featured Artist Claire Stigliani, and the breathtaking collection of European queens, which she has generously lent Slush Pile for Issue Seven. Let’s be real: who doesn’t have a crush on Marie Antoinette?

Let them eat cake!


— M.R. Branwen


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