Matt Rich



THERE IS A LOT OF ILLICIT SEX happening in short fiction this issue. I didn’t think, dear reader, that you’d mind.

To honor the last of the hot, sticky dog-days of summer, you’ll find stories about “curvy blonde” sex, dive bar sex, and house sitting sex. There’s also a story about a “young teacher/ the subject of school[boy] fantasy,” to (sort of) quote The Police. Sexual tension abounds in that story and, although there is no actual sex, I’m willing to admit that I wish there had been.

Exciting—in a different way—is this our featured artist, Matthew Rich, whose colorful contortions (such as “Pulse” at left) have taken up residence in this issue. He is recently returned from some frolicking abroad and, in addition to his beautiful work, he shares some of his thoughts from the road.

In poetry, we also have some travel. There, in addition to a couple of road trips, and a “snorkel holiday,” you will find an exploding whale, and Kythe Heller’s poem “Hilary White”—again—because I like it that much.



–M.R. Branwen


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