Daniel Benayun graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston in 2011 with a BFA in illustration. He currently lives and works as a full-time designer and painter in Boston. Benayun's artwork has been featured in various publications, including the  Boston Globe.  

Benayun's work will be  shown  at  13Forest  Gallery  on  March 19th  and  at  the  Newton Free Library on   July 1st.



THROUGH ART I EXPLORE   and reconstruct the magical idealism of mid-twentieth-century advertising, popularized by the likes of LIFE Magazine.

“Giants of the Earth”

“ I TRANSFER THESE SENTIMENTS  to a parallel universe of my own creation, constructed of text and figurative imagery, oftentimes containing metaphors and splashes of humor.

“Lapiz Lazuli  Miners”

“FOUND EPHEMERA, BOOKS AND posters serve as points of inspiration which I then translate into advertisements for entirely imagined products...”

“Phantom #1”

“...rendered in opaque, water-based paints to evoke the bold colors and sharp textures associated with mid-twentieth-century commercial design.”

“Your Thought Is  Free"

"WITH PAINT AND BRUSHES,   I visually attempt to reset the thread of time..."

"Phantom #2"

"Phantom #2"

"...installing myself as the creator of an anti-capitalistic zeitgeist that resurrects the wonder and intrigue of print advertising. "

"Master of Mystery"

"Master of Mystery"