Ari S. Friedlaender, PhD is a research scientist at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina. He is currently involved in research around the world, ranging from studying blue, fin, and beaked whales off the California coast, to pilot whales off the North Carolina and Hawaiian coasts, to studying humpback whales off Cape Cod, California, Alaska, and Antarctica. While his field work occurs near and far, Ari’s true home for research is in Antarctica. Ari has made twenty trips to the Southern Ocean. For Ari, understanding the ecology and behavior of marine mammals will allow us all to develop improved means for conserving and protecting, not only whales, but the ecosystems of which they are an integral part. Ari is also passionate about education beyond the scientific community and he regularly hosts photo shows, speaks at museums and schools, and participates in documentary films from the BBC, National Geographic and MacGillvray-Freeman IMAX films.