Amy Lincoln is a New York-based painter. Her work often depicts plants, indoor and outdoor spaces, and people. She has shown throughout the United States in cities such as New York; Boston; and Portland, Oregon, as well as internationally in Tokyo, Paris, and Beijing. Lincoln moved to New York in 2006 upon receiving a Swing Space residency from the Lower Manhattan  Cultural Council. She received an MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and  a BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Davis. She has participated in the Inside  Out Art Museum artist residency as well as the Wave Hill Winter Workspace. She lives in  Brooklyn with her husband, artist Kevin Curran, and their daughter Fiona.

“Still Life with Chief Joseph Blanket" 20" x  16"

MY WORK PRIMARILY focuses on landscapes and still lifes filled with specific plant species.  Plants are my favorite subject matter in part because I live in Brooklyn, and miss  spending time in natural environments.

“Arizona Spring” 20" x 16"

“I GATHER SOURCE MATERIAL   for my work with  photography, drawings, and Google searches. This process, along with the process of  creating the paintings, allows me to surround myself with plants.

“Northwest Sun”  34" x  24"

“I OFTEN BASE PAINTINGS  on trips I take to places outside the city with interesting flora, such as the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, or the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, where I grew  up.”

“Fall Still Life” 24" x 20"

WHEN I CAN'T LEAVE  the city, I go for a walk, drawing inspiration from flowers and  trees growing in cemeteries, parks, and my neighbors’ gardens.”

“Wildflowers” 22" x 17"

"Spring Moonlight"  34" x  24"

"Spring Moonlight"  34" x  24"

"Wetlands"  20"  x  16"

"Wetlands"  20"  x  16"